Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diet Tip of the Day....WebMD

Eat several mini-meals during the day.
If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. But when you're hungry all the time, eating fewer calories can be challenging.
"Studies show people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight," says obesity researcher Rebecca Reeves, DrPH, RD.
She recommends dividing your daily calories into smaller meals or snacks and enjoying as many of them as you can early in the day -- dinner should be the last time you eat.
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic-Feature

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nutrition & Exercise Manager For Windows - CalorieKing

"You can record everything you eat and the exercise you do using our huge food and exercise database, and then track your weight over time. Our personal profiling feature tells you exactly how many calories you need every day to lose, gain or maintain your ideal body weight."

This is great diet management software. Based on a series of questions, it determines what your daily calorie intake should be to meet your goals. It has a 7 day free trial, but it would be $45 well spent if you bought it. - Mark

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Best Low Fat Foods - American Cancer Society


When Dining Out........

Beware these high-fat menu buzz words: 

- Cream sauce
- butter
- oil
au gratin
-battered or batter-dipped
"with gravy,"

Unless you've spared yourself treats for several days and snacked on salad greens all day, these little "extras" aren't worth the extra calories.

From , former About.com Guide
Updated September 09, 2009

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Truth About Low Calorie Beer

The Truth About Low Calorie Beer

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Guide

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Guide

More Pete's 80th Celebration

Tahoma Jr. High Gym - Still shirts and skins.....

Pete's Party

Weight loss tips cont. - Men's Health Magazine

11. Flavor food with spices instead of high calorie sauces, and cook from the Men’s Health recipes on the "Daily Dose" section.
12. Tell everyone you know about your weight loss goal. It'll motivate you to work toward your prized weight. 
13. Get a partner. As you motivate your partner to reach his/her prime weight, your partner will motivate you as well.
14. Start a weight loss spreadsheet and post it where others can see it -- either in your office/cubicle or on a wall in your home. - Steve, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
15. Post a picture of what you used to look like on your bathroom mirror, so that you see it first thing in the morning. Or buy an article of clothing that you wish to fit in once you meet your goal. Try it on every day to see how you're making progress.
16. Use meal replacement shakes at breakfast and lunch. Keep a single serving shake in your briefcase for those days you have to work late. It will help you avoid vending machine junk until you can get a good meal.
17. Don't just drink a glass of water before going to a party, drink a glass before every meal. 
18. Keep a box of cereal bars or granola bars at your desk, and eat those for a snack instead of diving into the candy bowl that one of your officemates continually replenishes.
19. If you don't keep any junk in the house, you won't crave it as much. Out of sight, out of mind. Always read the nutrition info on anything before you buy it. If you have a craving for fast food, go to the restaurant's website and look up the fat and calorie content before you buy it.
20. Carry a jump rope in your pocket. During a long work shift, squeeze in 5-10 minutes of jumping rope and 50 pushups. It lets you burn calories even during long workdays.

Weight loss tips - Men's Health Magazine

1. Prior to going out eat, have a protein smoothie. They not only taste great, but they'll also keep you feeling fuller longer. Thus you won't be inclined to want as much food wise. 
2. Create a mantra "Nothing after 9." It means no meals or unhealthy food after 9 p.m. Plan your last meal or snack at a time when your body will utilize it before you go to sleep. 
3. Anywhere you go, park on the complete other side of the parking lot.  It's a quick power walk. And if you're carrying something back, then all the better!  Unless it's a box of doughnut's...
 4. Have a cheat day. Usually Friday is the best, because it's been a long week and everyone needs a break.  Don't over-indulge, just eat something you usually wouldn't eat during the week.
5. Work out on the weekends. Most of us can find many good reasons not to work out on the weekends, so if you can find time for it, you're getting closer to your goal.
6. If you don't feel like turning on the stove or doing dishes, try microwave meals. Morning Star egg substitute, frozen stir-fry veggies, fat-free cheese, and hot sauce takes about 10 minutes
 7. Think of your stomach as a fire, and if you continually add a little bit of fuel to it, it'll keep burning stronger than if you throw a large amount on a smoldering flame. Likewise, after exercising, the fire will be roaring and burn up what is thrown on it faster. 
8. Work out after work on Friday before you go out on the town. You'll think twice about eating and drinking everything in sight Friday evening. 
9. Put the salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork in the dressing, then spear some salad. Because the dressing is on the bottom of the fork (tongue side), you won't miss out on any of the taste.
10. Always take the stairs. I work on the 11th floor of my building and there are 368 steps to the post office in the basement (I've counted). If I do it a couple times a day, that's a step forward toward weight loss success.