Friday, April 26, 2013

Weight loss tips cont. - Men's Health Magazine

11. Flavor food with spices instead of high calorie sauces, and cook from the Men’s Health recipes on the "Daily Dose" section.
12. Tell everyone you know about your weight loss goal. It'll motivate you to work toward your prized weight. 
13. Get a partner. As you motivate your partner to reach his/her prime weight, your partner will motivate you as well.
14. Start a weight loss spreadsheet and post it where others can see it -- either in your office/cubicle or on a wall in your home. - Steve, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
15. Post a picture of what you used to look like on your bathroom mirror, so that you see it first thing in the morning. Or buy an article of clothing that you wish to fit in once you meet your goal. Try it on every day to see how you're making progress.
16. Use meal replacement shakes at breakfast and lunch. Keep a single serving shake in your briefcase for those days you have to work late. It will help you avoid vending machine junk until you can get a good meal.
17. Don't just drink a glass of water before going to a party, drink a glass before every meal. 
18. Keep a box of cereal bars or granola bars at your desk, and eat those for a snack instead of diving into the candy bowl that one of your officemates continually replenishes.
19. If you don't keep any junk in the house, you won't crave it as much. Out of sight, out of mind. Always read the nutrition info on anything before you buy it. If you have a craving for fast food, go to the restaurant's website and look up the fat and calorie content before you buy it.
20. Carry a jump rope in your pocket. During a long work shift, squeeze in 5-10 minutes of jumping rope and 50 pushups. It lets you burn calories even during long workdays.

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